Siren Amplifier 100W

Waterproof 100 Watt Siren Amplifier for Marine & Motorcycle Use.


  • Water-resistant Siren Amplifiers and Control Heads for motorcycle and marine use.
  • Four Tone Siren plus Public Address and Radio Repeat.
  • 58 watt and 100 watt models /li>
  • HANDS-FREE operation. WPA Series amplifiers work with WPA Series Control Heads or customer supplied controls.
  • Fully encapsulated, Control Heads feature sealed toggle and rotary switches and removable Noise Canceling Microphone.



  • 100 watt, 12 VDC, Remote Amplifier.
  • Weathertight, extruded aluminum housing for rugged environment.
  • Size: 2-7/8" (73mm) H x 3-1/2" (89mm) W x 7-7/8" (200mm) D