LFL Liberty™ SW WeCan® Super-LED

WeCan Programmable Series includes an external interface unit, the WeCan® electronic control module (ECM), which communicates all lightbar operating functions via a 2 conductor, 20 gauge cable. All functions are programmed by a PC via simple “pick & click, or drag” screens. Windows® based 2000, XP or later operating system required. USB input to the ECM from PC or laptop makes programming easy.


Small cable allows for easier overall wiring and lightbar installation. Up to 18 different programmed warning configurations can be operated via customer supplied switching to each of the 18 input wires to the ECM (default program pre-installed). Once the ECM is programmed, selection of these wires will allow for:
  • Complete independent "On" or "Off" control of each lighthead.
  • Flash pattern control of each lighthead.
  • Phase control of each lighthead, with four phases that allow for alternating, simultaneous & combo flash patterns.
  • DUO™ lightheads offer independent control of each color in each lighthead, including On/Off and phasing.
  • Cruise light control with almost unlimited adjustable intensity levels.
  • Independent Hi/Low control is available to any one or more Super-LED lightheads, excluding the four corner modules (required for SAE certification).
  • Independent sequential (single wire or 2-wire) control of thetraffic arrow functions (left, right, split) does not require a Traffic Advisor control head.
  • The WCC9 (substituted for the ECM) has 10 pre-programmed lightbarconfigurations accessible via dip switches located on the rear of the unit.


  • Width - 43.12" (110cm), 48.5" (123cm), 53.99" (137cm)
  • Height - 2.5" (64mm), 4" (101mm) with feet
  • Depth - 12" (304mm)