About Us

SIREN INDONESIA® was established in Jakarta, on 26th November 2000 by some people who had already been involved in automotive and also has interest in automotive.

With  the  increasing  needs of Lightbars, Sirens, and   the others among society that have a hobby in the field of  Automotive, community and institutions, as well as the  development of technology and market, therefore we built an  official business such as a trading company in Sales and Distribution of Automotive accessories. The Purchase is directly made with the automotive accessories company with WHELEN® from USA as a trademark, which has already had a very good reputation in its field, with its motto:

If you’re not buying  you’re not buying a product

“Manufactured in America”

The Product of  WHELEN® are designed and produced in USA. In 2002, we are chosen as an official distributor for Indonesia, and until now we have already had many agents in Bandung CV. Trikarya Abadi as Master Agents, Semarang, Solo, Surabaya, Bali, and also several locations in Jakarta